I have been an advocate of Natural Light Photography ever since I began my career. Due to a lack of knowledge and confidence an over dependance on trends and technology was created. Many year I toiled with re-inventing the wheel. Cutting and pasting backgrounds, adding blurs, manipulating shadows - what was considered a sin had become a necessary skill.

AS they say, what goes around comes around. A new interest on Analog photography is catching the imagination of photographers. The need to delve deeper and get hands dirty seems to have dawned on many photographers from the digital age. 

The current selection of images on this website works with the approach of using Natural light. Very rarely, is a vehicle seen, in a studio light situation. Most likely only by a Photography Team, Agency and clients. To the un-initiated, the studio lighting template is quite a shock to the eye. 

More than ever, I now feel the need to drive in the point that the eye needs to see something that it trusts.

I don’t intend to make a moral stand about image manipulation. Ever since photography became to be regarded as an art, the need to create layers over layers of meaning has existed.

It would be fair to say that the images shown here intend to show the best of Natural Light and make it appear to the eye thats this does exist. So no claims that Image Manipulations are not in play here, albeit Subtly and as invisibly possible.

Even the Studio Like shots that are featured here have been either lit by natural light, or using natural light through a medium.

I intend to try and adopt this approach to most of my upcoming work.